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Flow Free Drainage Ltd takes care of commercial kitchen grease management problems. Grease management systems such as grease traps are designed to protect your drainage system from becoming blocked or clogged by fats, oils, and grease (FOG).

Regularly maintaining and managing your grease traps is essential to stop a build-up of FOG substances and causing blockages, which will lead to disruption for your business. A regular grease management plan will prevent future problems and mean that no inconvenient delays to your day-to-day operations are caused. Our team will create a custom grease management plan with you so you can schedule for whatever suits your business best.

When maintaining your grease traps, we will remove the FOG substance and give it a deep clean to ensure that your grease trap is emptied of FOG and can work at its optimal level. It also ensures that fire risks are greatly reduced and eliminates hygiene concerns in your kitchen. Having grease trap management will also prevent your grease trap from creating unpleasant smells that would put customers off.

If your grease trap is damaged, our experts will come and fix it for you. A damaged grease trap can become a threat to their environment. For example, if your grease trap is overflowing, there’s a chance that the grease can spill onto the kitchen floor, leading to someone slipping and seriously injuring themselves. The risk of grease fires is much higher with a broken grease trap; this risks employees and customers’ lives as well as causing extensive damage to your business.   

We are known and recommended all over the South East for grease management, grease trap repairs and maintenance, and overcoming drainage problems for kitchens. Our years of experience help us to work efficiently. We provide an emergency service that is 24/7, so you can be assured that your grease management issues can be resolved by us quickly.   

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GreaseShield 1850-PF

Technical specifications


  • Pre-Rinse Sinks
  • Hood Type Dishwashers • Double Bowl Sinks
  • Convection Ovens


  • Pro-Active Flow Rate – 1.85 L/sec • ASM E Certification
  • PDI Certification
  • CSA Certication
  • EN 1825 Certification


  • Automatic FOG & solids removal • Self cleaning
  • Magnetic baffle for bioremediation • PLC controlled
  • Non restricted Vortex Flow Control device
  • Reverse flow configuration
  • Space Saver Running Trap & Sampling Point
  • Globally certified award winning technology
  • The only Green Certified grease trap in the world


Global GreenTag LCA Rate Gold Certi  cation. PDI G101 (Plumbing & Drainage Institute). ASME A112.14.3 & A112.14.4 (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation). CSA (Canadian Standards Association) – Grease Interceptors. UL (Underwriters Laboratory). IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Of  cials) Uniform Plumbing Code Certi  cation Mark. CE – Conformity with Health, Safety and Environmental Protection \ Standards with the European Economic Area (EEA).EN1825 (European Standard for Grease Separators). KIWA (ETA DK, Swedac & SINTEF) Sweden, Norway and Finland. European Institution for Testing, Inspection and Certification.

Plumbing connections

Pre-filter Inlet1½” / 40mm
Inlet1½” / 40mm
Invert inlet1½” / 32mm
Outlet2” / 50mm
Decant outlet¾” / 18mm
Hot water solenoid¾” / 22mm

Electrical ratings

Avergae power consumption15.8W per hour

Standard operational times

Days of operation7 days a week
Hours of operation07:00–02:30

Note: Operational times should be adjusted to suit the needs of the kitchen


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Building and Maintenance

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